All About Swarms!

Photo of a typical  Honey Bee swarm >


If you have a SWARM

  • Do NOT disturb it

  • Do NOT spray it with an insecticide

  • Do NOT hose it down with water

  • Do NOT hit it with a stick

  • Do NOT call an exterminator

A Honey bee swarm:

  • Is Gentle, not aggresive

  • Is resting and may move on by itself

  • Will NOT attack you if not provoked



  • Call a Beekeeper as soon as possible

  • Observe it from a safe distance

  • Take pictures, it is educational

LVBA Swarm & Stinging Insect Removal:

If you should encounter a Honey bee swarm on your property you may seek assistance by calling one of the beekeepers listed below, nearest to your location. 

Ernie Angstadt 

A FEE may or may not be charged to cover beekeeper's time & gas/travel expenses.