The Club Honey Harvest and Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, July 10. 

We'll be pulling the club honey off the hives starting at 9 AM, then travelling to Paul Snellen's roofing business near Airport Rd. to extract the honey and have a picnic in the early afternoon.  Stay tuned for an email with the details.

Club Apiary

Stay tuned for information on future apiary outings.

Young Beekeeper Scholarship

The LVBA, with support from Owowcow Creamery and other donors, has put together a young beekeeper scholarship that will be awarded each year.  This scholarship will help a new young beekeeper get going by providing training, a mentor, and some equipment and bees.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please read this LVBA Scholarship Summary and apply by filling out these LVBA Scholarship Application Forms.