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Crisscross Road Bee Yard

Need Bees?  We have Bees!


Taking orders for 2019 Nucs


$175 per nuc (Pay w/ Order)


5 Frame deep nucs consisting of: 2019 laying queen, 2 frames of her own brood, 2 frames honey/pollen, & one frame for expansion.  Bees will be inspected prior to pickup. Marked queens available.  Nuc provided in non-returnable wood nuc box. 


Italian, Carniolan and Russian genetics available.  check website for details.


Call Dennis @ 610-216-8522

Website: www.crisscrossroadbeeyard.com


Email - Dennis@crisscrossroadbeeyard.com


Crisscross Road Bee Yard, 616 Crisscross Rd.,

Fleetwood, Pa. 19522


(member of Lehigh Valley Beekeepers, PA State Beekeepers, Berks/Schuylkill Beekeepers, and Chester County Beekeepers Associations)


"Pa licensed and inspected nuc and queen seller"


Meadow View Beekeeping

We have 2019 Package Bees and Queens available for pre-order now!

 Please go to www.meadowviewbees.com for more details or to order directly on-line or give me a call at the number below.


Package bees - $110 - $120 (before taxes)


3 lb packages with a mated queen, price

depending on pickup date, queen marking, and payment method

Extra mated queens also available for each date

Pickup date options:

March 25

March 29

April 13/14

May 4/5


Let me know if you have any questions


Steve Finke 















Jay's Backyard Bees

Allentown, PA

We are accepting orders for the 2019 Spring and Summer. The Nucs will be ready for pickup mid-April if the weather permits. Each Nuc has 5 frames filled with Carniolan worker or caspian bees, brood, and a 2019 queen. The price for each nuc is $160 or $170 with the box. Please call or text Jay at 610-762-6869 if you have any further questions or if you would like to place an order.  We also have over-wintered bee nucs for $220 each.

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