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Black Bears!


The package bees are at the Kutztown location a little early!  If you planned to pick them up there today (Friday), you can arrive between 4:30 and 8:00 PM.  The rest of the schedule remains the same.



 April 10/11 delivery date:  per our original order form, here is the schedule for you if you are on the April 10/11 delivery list.  You should have received an email with this information on March 26th.


Weather permitting, we are expecting to arrive back in PA with the bees on Friday, April 10th.

The first opportunity to pick up your bees will be at the shop at Meadow View Beekeeping, 25 Dunkels

Church Rd., Kutztown, on that Friday evening between 6-8 PM. The second opportunity will be on

Saturday, April 11th at the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Apiary which is located on the grounds of

Lehigh-Carbon Community College, 4525 Education Park Dr. (off Rt. 309), Schnecksville, PA  (see campus map here) from 9-11 AM. The last stop will be the Bethel, PA area, if needed, on Saturday April 11th from 2-3 PM.



We will be distributing the package bees at Keeney & Ziegler Apiaries, 9351 Old Rt. 22, Bethel, PA.  Please look for my maroon Chevy Colorado at the warehouse door.  Don't enter the buildings while you wait, please. 


Hiving Demonstrations:  We will be conducting hiving demonstrations at the Meadow View Beekeeping shop on Friday night (at 7 PM-ish) and at the club apiary on Saturday (one at 10 AM and one at 11 AM).  You are welcome to come and watch a package of bees being installed in a hive.  Please bring your veil and gloves...



Nucs (medium and deep frame) are still available from Dennis Schuelkens at Crisscross Road Bee Yard in Fleetwood.

Call Dennis at 610-216-8522 for the details.


2015 LVBA "Introduction to Beekeeping Class"


The 2015 class has concluded for the year.  We had over 70 people in attendance....thank you to all those who attended or helped put the class on. 


We will be planning this class again for spring, 2016.   Good luck with your beekeeping this year!


Contact Blaine Holden, course coordinator, for more information at:

610-767-0306 or  







Dennis Keeney



see Archives page for Dennis' complete obituary


National Honey Board

The National Honey Board has much to offer beekeepers.   Check out

  Looking for some documentaries on bees?

Check out this link on

Discovery News Here


Are you new to beekeeping?


Check out our 'Library' page for a list of suggested reading material & our video library.

Beekeeping Basics - (Formerly Fundamentals of Beekeeping) - Text covers the basics of beginning beekeeping $7.50. Information on managing parasites, pests and diseases; honey production and processing; pollination; handling beeswax; pollen trapping; and a guide to important floral sources.

(on-line pdf version)* Available from Penn State Publication Distribution Center, 112 Ag. Admin. Bldg., University Park, PA 16802 Phone 814-865-6713 *(The on-line pdf version is free).



Posted 7/8/13


APIVAR approved for use in all 50 states


Apivar has been approved now for use in beehives in all 50 states.  This treatment is based on a miticide called "amitraz" and is a new treatment.  The instructions say to remove honey stores during the 42 day treatment.  Mann Lake and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm are a distributors.


For more information, see

 Silence of the Bees 


If you haven't viewed this production that was aired in the winter of 2006 or if you would like to view it again you can watch it on your computer now by clicking HERE


Posted 4/4/14.

2013 - Highest losses of Bees in the U.S.

Dan Rather Reports - Buzzkill, see video - HERE

Posted 1/22/14 

A rapidly mutating virus jumps from plants to Honey bees!

May be linked to colony collapse disorder! Read the whole story HERE!


Observation Bee Hive

The Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Assoc. maintains an observation bee hive at the Wildlands Conservancy, 3701 Orchid Place, Emmaus, PA.

In the photo at right, L.V.B.A. 2010 V. Pres., Bob Milot, explains the inner workings of the ob-hive. The photo above was taken at the Wildlands Conservancy during our Honey Bee Awareness day.

Need an extractor? 

  Is this your first year harvesting a honey crop? If you are a member of L.V.B.A. you can rent the club extractor for a nominal fee ($20) and extract your honey harvest without the expense of buying one. You'll have the use of the stainless steel, manual extractor, an electric uncapping knife and a uncapping tub to separate and drain your cappings.   A filter and bottling  bucket are included too.  You just need the bottles for your honey.

   To reserve a time slot contact:

Steve Finke @ 610-737-7676

Hive Equipment


A Regional Gamma Irradiation Program for PA Beekeepers


The LVBA recommends that you irradiate any old equipment that you have found or bought to be sure it's not infected with American Foulbrood spores (which can lay dormant for 70 years or more). This service is organized by Mark Antunes and usually takes place in mid-March.  The LVBA may consolidate equipment from members and send it all down together.  Cost is typically about $7-8 per deep hive box (much cheaper than burning the equipment and starting over).


If you plan to irradiate old, used beekeeping equipment, please check with the LVBA leadership on a possible trip or contact Mark Antunes directly at: or call him at 215-257-7121 (home) or 484-955-0768 (cell).


  Please see document HERE to learn all of the details about Gamma Irradiation, preparation of equipment and costs.


 Pennsylvania has 3 new Master Beekeepers!

Our new Master Beekeepers are:

Frank Licata;  Monroe County, Warren Graham; Chester Cnty.,  Andrew Jones; Huntingdon Cnty.  


Congratulations to all of you!

 First Beehives from Biblical Israel discovered!

Archaeologists find remains of Honey Bees from 3,000 years ago!

Read the complete story here

Is Honey Kosher?

Click here to read the complete story.

Honey Labeling Regulations,

Info & Tips

Are you thinking of selling your honey? Do you have a label? Does it have all of the information that is requred? You can find the information you need to know about labeling Honey HERE


Also see our REGISTRATIONS page.

60 Minutes

Why are the Honey Bees Disappearing?

This 60 Minutes production is a few years old but not too old to watch again. To view Part 1 of the 60 minutes video on YouTube click HERE continue to view Part 2 HERE

If you are a grower of Bee pollinated Crops

If you are a grower of Bee pollinated crops and rent Honey Bees for their service PLEASE click HERE to read "Protecting Honey Bees from Chemical Pesticides" published by: Maryann Frazier, Senior Extension Associate, Penn State.

View the 'Dan Rather' video - "Bee Aware"