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Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association

.................."Helping Beekeepers in the Lehigh Valley since 1921"................
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About Us
  The Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association organized February, 1921 with thirty-four members present. Back in the day, the membership dues were $1.00 a year. Today we continue to draw those interested in the art of beekeeping. We serve beekeepers from Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon, Berks, Bucks, Monroe, Montgomery & Schuylkill counties. Our membership has grown to over 200, with meetings every month of the year except December. During the month of July we have our annual summer picnic with a plant exchange where many bee stories are told and much food is consumed. In October we celebrate with our harvest banquet where we enjoy each others friendship and again, much food is consumed. We all share an avid interest in Honey bees and nature. We welcome all who are interested and wish to learn more about the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the art and science of beekeeping by assisting our members, with the challenges they encounter, through the sharing of techniques and information and to educate the public of the importance of the Honey bee.


   The photo above was taken at our club apiary. One of the benefits of "bee-ing" a member in L.V.B.A. is the"hands-on" experience you can have with other members at the apiary.

   If you are a "NewBee" and just thinking about starting out or if you just have a curiousity about Honey bees this is the place you can have all of your questions answered. See photos of our apiary and activities there at: LVBA APIARY

L.V.B.A. Meetings

   If you have a curiosity about Honey bees you are welcome to visit with us at one of our monthly meetings. Check our Calendar page for dates and times.  Our meetings are open to the public!

Membership in L.V.B.A.

  Membership dues in the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association are as follows: Single member: $10.00/year, Family membership: $15.00/year. Membership runs a typical calendar year, from January through December. The above costs relflect the newsletter being received by email attachment, if you need to receive your newsletter by U.S. Mail add an additional $10.00 to those fees listed above. You will see all appropriate costs listed on the membership application.  If you would like to join the L.V.B.A. you can obtain a membership application  HERE

 L.V.B.A. By-Laws

   For a copy of our By-Laws click HERE.

L.V.B.A. Executive Board Members

  L.V.B.A. by-laws states our executive board consist of 10 members, 5 of which are the currently elected officers and the other 5 members chosen from the membership. Our Exec. board members are listed on our "Officers"page.

Need an extractor?

   Is this your first year harvesting a honey crop? If you are a member of L.V.B.A. you can rent the club extractor for a nominal fee and extract your honey harvest without the expense of buying one.

   To reserve a time slot contact:

Steve Finke - 610-737-7676


Are you a registered beekeeper?

   One of the most important goals of the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association is to help our members succeed in the joy of beekeeping. To do this we must be knowledgable in all aspects of beekeeping. To be a member of L.V.B.A. you must agree to abide by the law and be registered with the PA. Dept. of Agriculture, Apiary Division. If you are not registered you can download the form Here 

PA. Master Beekeepers

  Pennsylvania currently has 20 EAS certified Master Beekeepers. The Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association is priveleged to have three of them in our membership. 
 Currently the three (3) active members who are EAS Certified Master Beekeepers are: Paul Krepicz, Bill Mondjack, Dr. Robert Roeshman. If you wish to see the list of all EAS Master Beekeepers go HERE
         Award winning newsletter! 
  We are proud to be the 1 st place winner of "Bee Culture" magazines nation-wide newsletter contest!