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Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association

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Package Bees & Nucs
Listed below are some local sources of honey bees.
Nucs Available
Club member Dennis Schuelkens from Crisscross Road Beeyard is again offering 5 Frame deep nucs for the 2017 season.
Taking orders for 2017 Spring Nucs
April 1, 8 sold out
Still available for April 15 and later.
$165 per nuc placed in your equipment
$10 non-returnable nuc box available 

Our 2017 nucs consist of: 2017 laying queen,
 2 frames of her own brood, 2 frames honey/pollen, and one frame for expansion placed into your equipment.  Non-returnable nuc boxes available.

Call Dennis @ 610-216-8522

Email -

Crisscross Road Bee Yard, 616 Crisscross Rd.,
Fleetwood, Pa. 19522

Package Bees
Package Bees are available for 2017

Bill Mondjack & Steve Finke will be supplying package bees again this spring. This will be our 7th year helping beekeepers get started with the interesting hobby of raising honey bees!

We have two pickup dates on the schedule.  You can order by printing the linked order forms below and sending the form and payment to Bill or go to
to order direct online.

3 lb packages with mated queens are priced as follows for April 15 and May 6/7 dates:

Un-marked packages:  $105.00
Marked packages:  $108.50
(Online pricing slightly higher to cover cc fees)

We also offer extra queens for making splits or spring re-queening.  The queens will be available on the same pickup dates.

Un-marked queens:  $27.00
Marked queens:  $30.50

April 15 - packages and queens sold out
May 6/7 - packages and queens sold out

Also save on bulk orders (all packages on 1 form/payment and one pickup)
50-99 packages - save $2 per pkg
>100 packages - save $4 per pkg
So get your neighbors and club members to combine their orders and save! 

  Orders are entered when payment is received on a first-come, first-served basis.

Give us a call with any questions.
Steve Finke @ 610-737-7676
Bill Mondjack @ 610-751-4483