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Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association

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A listing of videos in our club library
Here is a list of videos available to borrow for the members of L.V.B.A.
If you would like to borrow a video on the list please use the "Contact Us" page for information.

Honey Bees and Beekeeping, A year in the life of an apiary, Part I & II
Why Honey bees (Penn State - 1993)
Finding and Treating Bee diseases - 1991
A look at Queen & Pkg. Bee production (Brushy Mtn. 1991)
Introduction to Beekeeping with Ed Weiss
Miraculouse Honey Bee
Controlling Varoa Mites & Small Hive Beetles in Honey bee colonies
Free Bees for You (Brushy Mtn.)
Tracheal Mites on Honey Bees, Detection, Life Cycle, Treatment
The Mysterious Bee & The Honey Harvest (Discovery Channel)
Ulees' Gold, Drama type motion picture with Peter Fonda
The Honey Files, A Bee's Life - National Honey Board (Children's video)
How Well are you willing to Bee? Bee sting therapy - Pat Wagner
Taking the Bees for a Ride - Migratory Beekeeping (Dave Hackenberg)
Honey in the Comb - Comb honey production (Gene Killion)
The Four Seasons of Charlie Mraz
Varroa Mites, Detection, Life Cycle & Control - Penn State
Queen Rearing Video
What's Buzzin? - National Honey Board (Children's Video)
Africanized Bees, Bees from a building, Yellow Jackets, Hornets Nests-Dr. Tew
Controlling Honey bee emergencies - Root Production
P.B.S. - "Silence of the Bees" & 60 Minutes - "What's wrong with the bees?"
"City of Bees", A Children's Guide to Bees
"The Killer Bees" - National Geographic
Successful Queen Rearing - University of Minnesota
Beekeeping in Northern Climates - University of Minnesota
Vanishing of the Bees


 A list of suggested reference books on beekeeping


For the Bee-ginner 


The Beekeeper's Handbook, by: Sammataro & Avitabile

First Lessons in Beekeeping, by: Keith S. Delaplane

Beekeeping - A Practical Guide, by: Richard Bonney

The Backyard Beekeeper, by: Kim Flottum

Beekeeping For Dummies, by: Howland Blackiston

The Classroom, by: Jerry Hayes

The Art & Adventure of Beekeeping, by: Ormond & Harry Aebi

Beekeeping Basics: MAAREC, Online PDF version available HERE

For the Serious Beekeeper


ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture, by: A. I. Root

The Hive And The Honey Bee, by: Dadant

A Field Guide to Honey Bees and Their Maladies, PennState

Increase Essentials, by: Lawrence John Connor

A Year In The Beeyard, by: Roger A. Morse

Bees Besieged, by: Bill Mares

Honey Plants of North America, by: The A. I. Root Bee Library

For the Advanced Beekeeper


Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping, by: Dewey M. Caron

Honey Bee Pests, Predators, and Diseases, by: Morse and Nowogrodzki

Mites of the Honey Bee, by: Thomas Webster & Keith Delaplane

Rearing Queen Honey Bees, by: Roger A. Morse

Contemporary Queen Rearing, by: Harry H. Laidlaw Jr.

What Do You Know? by: Clarence H. Collison

The Buzz about Bees, by: Jurgen Tautz

Always a Good Read for Anyone!


A Spring without Bees, by: Michael Schacker

Fruitless Fall, by: Rowan Jacobsen

Following the Bloom - Across America with the Migratory Beekeepers, by: Douglas Whynott

BEES their Vision, Chemical Senses, and Language, by: Karl vonFrisch

Hunting Wild Bees, by: Robert Donovan

The Bee Hunter, by: George Edgell

Observation Hives, by: Webster/Caron


Downloadable PDF                  


The Value of Honey Bees in Pennsylvania (Brochure)

Give Honey Bees a Helping Hand (Brochure)